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Are you ready to attract women's attention like a magnet?

Dozex capsule is an effective and potent sex stimulant. This capsule increases male strength, increases erection, and prolongs the duration of sex.

3980 ₱ 1990 ₱

458 men

took the Dozex capsule for

2 weeks

  • Sexual drive increases


  • Stronger erection


  • Duration of sexual intercourse increases 1.5-2 times longer


  • Brighter sensation during sex


  • Sexual stamina increases



  • Male strength problems, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, these problems may already be familiar to men of various age groups and social status. Dozex will help solve the problems. This capsule is fully certified and totally safe. This product does not cause addiction, because it is made only from natural ingredients. The only contraindication is individual intolerance against the components of its natural ingredients. One of the main benefits of Dozex capsule is that this product eliminates the causes of sexual impotence, and

    not just merely treating the symptoms.

    Deni Permadi

    Specialist in Urology

  • "When many couples came to visit me and complained about their relationship problems, the first question I asked was whether their sexual lives were satisfying or not. Men and women often don't see the connection between family happiness and sex. And I told them that there was actually a direct connection between the two. Sexual satisfaction affects how we see ourselves, our partners, and the world around us. If there are couples who don't get enough sexual satisfaction, it will lead to depression, which will push each other apart and maybe even separate them. This is why I am convinced that men should not pass the opportunity to use drugs like Dozex. With Dozex, all men affected by this problem not only can save their health and reputation, but also can reinvigorate their relationship with their partner, even if it is a " long term relationship.

    Amalia Hidayat

    Marriage and Family Therapy Expert

  • Rock hard erection at any time

  • Sex is better and longer than in adult movies

  • Significant increase in libido

  • Long-lasting and intense orgasms, both for you and your partner

  • Results after 2 weeks of usage


  • Doni Gunawan

    HR Director, 40 years old

    Stressful situations have always followed me in the past few years. Of course, as a result, my sexual prowess initially declined and then disappeared completely. Honestly, I panicked, because I have a young wife. I imagined what she would say, and what I should do next. But then she suggested Dozex for me. This product not only helps restore my strength but also increases my libido. In addition to that, my erection becomes harder than when I was in my 20s. My wife and I are amazed and pleased with the results!

  • Yayan Hermawan

    Driver, 56 years old

    I wished I had found this capsule earlier. My wife and I had to get a divorce because I wasn't strong enough in the bedroom. At that time, I could not imagine that the situation would ever change. But right now, I am dating a woman who is 25 years younger than me, and our sex is amazing! She said she never felt such pleasure before. Even younger men cannot satisfy her like I do. So, guys, Dozex is indeed effective, this product will make you become a sex machine! And your erection will be much better than before.

  • Ardi Kusumawardhana

    Head of IT Department, 31 years old

    A few months ago, I realized something was wrong with my sex life. I often don't feel aroused, and when I do, I often fail in bed. Of course I'm afraid: who needs an impotent man? Then I started having problems in the relationship with my wife and we even considered having a divorce. It was a miracle that I happened to see an Dozex ad. If not because of this capsule, I don't know what my fate would be. Our sex became really amazing, both for me and my wife. My mood improved, I became more confident, and my confidence affected my work: I got a promotion! Now my wife and I are thinking of having a baby.

  • Fandi Kurniawan

    College Student, 19 years old

    At my age, all kinds of male problems are rarely found, but sometimes it does appear. For example, myself. I had sex for the first time 2 years ago, and even then I realized something was wrong. My erection was weak and I ejaculated too fast. At first, I was still convinced that over time I would get better, but the reality was the opposite, it was getting worse. I didn't want to go to the doctor, I want to treat it myself. And then I found the solution, Dozex! I took the capsule for a week and immediately realized that women became more interested in me. It turns out that this product increases testosterone levels which makes women fell head over heels for you. Of course, my sexual life is amazing now!



Dozex capsule is an effective and potent sex stimulant. This capsule increases male strength, increases erection, and prolongs the duration of sex.

3980 ₱ 1990 ₱